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How Choosey Works

Choosey lets you create printed video greetings cards, which work by the 'magic' of Augmented Reality (AR to its friends!).

  • Choose your card, such as a birthday, wedding or congratulations.
  • Add the message you would like printed inside.
  • Upload a video onto from your computer.
  • Alternatively, install the Choosey app (from the App Store or Google Play) on your smartphone or tablet to record or upload videos.  
  • The video prints as a unique code in your greetings card.
  • Scan the printed code with a smartphone or tablet running the Choosey app, to watch the video.


Whoa!  What’s Augmented Reality?

Glad you asked! In Choosey’s case, it’s a rather nifty piece of software that lets you view a private video printed in a greetings card. Much like a house key, the printed card unlocks only your video for viewing. But remember, someone else can pick up your card from its pride of place and start watching…


Augmented Reality viewer 









What is the Choosey App?

The Choosey app is the Augmented Reality (AR) software and lets you upload videos from a mobile phone or tablet.

  • First, record or upload a video to our secure servers.
  • The video is given a unique code, printed on the inside of your greetings card.
  • The video can be viewed with the Choosey app. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet, scan the code in the card and watch the video.

    Where can I find the Choosey App?

    On the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and on Google Play Store (for Android smartphones and tablets). 

    Simply go to the App Store or Google Play, enter Choosey app in the Search box and install the app.


    Do I need the latest cell phone?

    Not the latest but this is cute technology. To get the best experience, we recommend using iPhone 5 or later, iPad 3 or later, running iOS 8.1 or later.  

    Android devices must have version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above installed.

    Videos can be watched via the Choosey app on a smartphone or tablet, or online from any computer.


    Can I use an existing video or does it have to be brand new?

    The video can be donkey’s years old, as long as it’s been saved to a modern format and can be read by a smartphone or tablet.

    Alternatively, you can record a video message there and then and upload it to Choosey. 


    How do I attach my video?

    Open the Choosey app on a smartphone or tablet and go to Video Capture.  You can upload an existing video from your camera roll, or record a new one through the Choosey app.


    Choosey app AR Viewer








    Alternatively, upload a video from your computer, when adding a message to your card.


    Can I use someone else’s video?

    As long as you have access to it and their permission.  Please don’t fall foul of any copyright laws!


    How long can the video be?

    Afraid there’s no single answer for this.  The video can be up to 20 MB in size, but how long a video this is, depends upon the resolution quality.  The higher the quality, the larger the file size.  However, you should find 20 MB allows you to attach 30 seconds of video at a reasonable resolution.


    Can I use video compression software?

    Definitely.  This helps make the file size smaller and you shouldn’t see much loss in quality.  They can be a little tricky to use, so we recommend you test your compressed video before you upload it.  You don’t want any disappointed faces!


    When you receive the card, what do you need do to watch the video?

    Install the Choosey app (if you haven’t already) and login.

    First scan your unique Choosey code printed inside the card with your smartphone or tablet. Then hold the smartphone (or tablet) over the printed smartphone image in the card and start watching!


    Choosey scan code 












    Are you sure there’s no electronics or wires in the card?  I don’t want to scare the mailman!

    Promise. The card is printed just like a normal greetings card.  The only difference is the additional print on the inside, which you scan to watch the video.


    Is it simple to use?  I’m hopeless with this stuff and my mom is even worse!

    You’ll both be fine.  Click here for step by step instructions on installing the Choosey app, uploading your video and viewing it in the card.  Meanwhile, easy How To View instructions are printed in the card, so the recipient knows what to do.  Or if either of you get stuck, please email and we’ll take you through each step.


    Are you sure it’s private?  I don’t want anyone else seeing my video.

    Nor do we!  The video is stored on extremely secure servers and access is strictly limited. 


    Okay… I think I’ve got it but what video should I send?

    Any moments you want to share. 

    Why not send a Choosey video card to spread the news about your engagement?  Or introduce Mom and Dad to their new grandchild?  Maybe a four legged friend has just joined the family.  Or you and your girlfriends want to sing Happy Birthday to someone who's moved away? The choices are as wide as your imagination, but to put it simply, use Choosey to say Hello from anywhere.


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